The Magic Whistle

I linked to the Daily Create from my previous post “9 tips…”, but wanted to call your attention to this provocative (in the sense that it provokes your creativity) site again, as the other link may have been lost amongst my breathtaking prose which distracted you from clicking it.

The Daily Create provides an outlet for digital storytellers to flex their virtual fingers on quick, loosely defined projects that should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Here’s one I did for yesterday’s assignment, Write the Users Manual for a Magic Whistle, entitled: “Escape the Meeting from H*#&“. After writing this, I began to feel rather sad that I do not actual own a MMM Whistle, as I think I could make great use of it.

Has anyone else frequented the Daily Create? Have you found it sparking any creativity? What would your user’s manual say?


2 thoughts on “The Magic Whistle

  1. I faithfully clicked ALL the links because hey, I’m trying to ignore the pile of laundry in the corner, and thought this site looked really interesting. Thank you for sharing–that’s the first time I’d heard of it. But your prose did momentarily distract me, I will admit. My MMM would just read: Blow. Enjoy magic. That photo is kind of magic. It’s like Harry Potter lost his whistle or something while he was running around under the invisibility cloak…


    • I’m so glad that you ignored laundry in order to do something creative and fun! I like your manual. So minimalist and leaves tons to the imagination! 🙂


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