Are you cut out to be a writer? Take this quiz.

Mara’s fairly arbitrary, somewhat absurd, and completely unscientific “Writer’s Quiz.”

(this will not count toward your final grade).DSC00480

  1. When you were a kid, did you spend as much time at the library as you did tormenting your parents and siblings?
  2. When in middle school, did you snatch every chance to read that you could, perhaps even reusing an old hall pass to sneak into the bathroom during lunch to spend time with your best-friend, C.S. Lewis or good ‘ol J.R.R (if you’re a younger reader, then maybe it would be our buddy J.K.)?
  3. Did your peers accuse you of reading the dictionary?
  4. Did you read the dictionary?TaterTots
  5. Did classmates ask you to read their essays, and did you gleefully accept, whipping out your red pen faster than the lunch-lady could shovel out tots?
  6. Do you spend as much/ more time with your computer and word-processing programs than you do with your spouse/ significant other?
  7. Do you wait hungrily for opportunities to try out new similes on your unsuspecting friends and families, like a jaguar crouching in a tree above an unwitting tourist?
  8. Do you enjoy spending time with the people in your head, maybe even more than “real” people?
  9. Do you know the difference between passive voice and passive verbs, and despise them both?
  10. Do you make time to write, and DO it?

If you answered yes to only a couple of these questions, you might not have the love of writing in you needed to sustain a rich hobby or career. But that’s just fine; writers need people who love to read too! Oh, there’s more than writing and reading a person might be interested in? True, but that’s for a different blog…perhaps this one.

If you found yourself nodding and smiling in agreement to many of these ridiculous questions, you might just have that writing bug. Don’t use pesticides on it. Feed it your ripest veggies from the garden and watch it grow. It might turn into something really wonderful…I mean, even if it turns out to be a dung beetle, those things keep the world from filling up with elephant poo, right?

Our special friend, the dung beetle. Who doesn’t love him?



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