Judging a Book by its Cover, Redux

Trusty readers, last month I shared with you my mother and my e-book cover-making efforts, offering the draft cover to you for feedback. That feedback was excellent and much appreciated. I’ve considered the critiques and tried to incorporate them. It think this one is much improved.

Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Judging a Book by its Cover, Redux

  1. Well, what I’ve read is that people are more likely to buy a book from an author that has more than one book available. I certainly would too. If I am going to buy what I know is Book 1, but there is no Book 2, I would wonder if the hack would actually ever WRITE book 2. If I read Book 1 in a week, by the time Book 2 comes out, I’ll have forgotten that there WAS going to be a book 2.
    Not sure launching an e-book is a firecracker either, not the same way as someone competing for shelf space on the shelf of a national bookstore that will shove it to a back corner in a month if it isn’t flying off the shelves. Publishers used to spend a fair amount of money to get an author’s book to “pop” in this type of venue, but from what I read, that isn’t what happens for most books now–particularly e-books. The PR campaign is heavily in the hands of the author, and is on-going, rather than a big “launch.”
    If you find an article about launch strategy though, please send along to me.


    • I’m going to launch both Bleaken books at the same time, so I’m giving myself a date of maybe Nov. 1st. If it’s earlier, great, but you know, I love deadlines.


      • Is that wise to launch them both at once? I haven’t done any research on that sort of thing, but it seems likely that this would be a bad strategy. Each release can have it’s own impact. If you set two firecrackers off at once, you hear only one bang. One after the other and you can develop momentum, no?


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