Book Covers, Take Two

I loved the feedback I got from my readers on the first book cover my mother and I designed and created. Now I’ve got the cover for book 2 in the Bleaken Series”finished”. I put that in quotes, because once again I’m looking for constructive feedback from y’all (no, I’m not from the south, but I find this a very useful word since English does not have the informal plural the way others do).


5 thoughts on “Book Covers, Take Two

  1. Book covers may be important to attract readers but, it is what is inside that is important! Finished this second book of the series tucked in the hills and dales of Bleaken and silent places of your mind! Also added my comments to Kindle…Waiting…the sweet, gentle deft pen of the writer! Thanks ♥️

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  2. Yes, maybe book covers are a way to entice people to read but, if the content isn’t good who cares! Just finished the second book in the Bleaken series, waiting…!
    Love this series and said so on Kindle/Amazon. Delicious, sweet and woven with a deft hand into the Silent Forest of your mind. Interesting what dwells in that silence😉
    Thanks but still waiting, next?!❤️

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s so wonderful to hear from readers, particularly if they like the novel. 🙂

      I’m traditionally publishing my next book, but it’s not in the Bleaken series, sorry! And it won’t be out until next summer–traditional publishing is NOT fast. I do have a start on the next Bleaken, and have another novel done, and two more started…I need more hours in the day!


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