Digital Storytelling. What is it and why am I writing about it?

Readers, I am once again engaged in a wonderful workshop on Digital Storytelling offered at the college where I work. This summer I only caught a couple of sessions; this term I plan to attend all of them. Why?

Cath Everett - Luddite Canvas.

Cath Everett – Luddite Canvas.

no-cell-phoneBecause I tend to be a Luddite when it comes to social media and the digital format in general. For example. I do not own a cell phone. Never have. Now, I am sure some of you are gaping (as many people do when I drop this tidbit of information in a social or work gathering), but who will be the one laughing when you all develop 1) ear-tumors from having those waves penetrating your head all the time, 2) arthritic fingers from texting, and 3) zombie-like eyeballs with seared retinas from the LED screens?

Yet, I’m jumping into this Digital Storytelling (learning about all things techie/online/digital to tell your story) with reckless abandon. I’m risking crippled fingers and shriveled eyeballs in order to explore the many ways people share themselves and their stories with the world. My hope is to improve my own creative process–writing, art, photography, what have you–to open horizons yet closed to me (being that technology neophyte that I am). And our first assignment is to discuss why blogging is important to us, personally.

Should be an easy question to answer, right? I mean, I’ve been blogging for a couple months now, I should know why the heck I’m doing it. But I had to stop and really think. Why is it “important” to me?

I think that blogging stretches my writing in a way I would not otherwise be stretched. It pushes me out of my comfort zone of grant writing, noveling, or crafting snarky email to my best friend from high school. But perhaps more importantly, which I wouldn’t have known when I began, is that it connects me with other bloggers with similar interests, brilliant insights, thoughtful critiques, and educational articles. There’s community here. It might be worth the tumors and crippled hands.

7 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling. What is it and why am I writing about it?

  1. PS This post should have a Category for it such as “Digital Storytelling,” or “The Happy Digital Life” or some such for class writing prompts. You should have a separate category called “Daily Creates.”


    • Thanks Sandy. Made a tag and a category–is that redundant? We can talk about it in class! (Readers, the lovely woman above is the inspiring and inspired teacher of the said digital story telling class!)


  2. I LOVE snarky emails! They’re the very best kind!

    I blog because… I think it has more to do with compulsion than anything else. It’s just that it’s writing and not, like, meth, so no one thinks to stage an intervention.


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