Fame, Fortune, and Movie Rights!

More engaging than Hunger Games (but without all the child-killing), as magical as Harry Potter (without all the Harry)…what is it?

O.K., O.K, I admit it. I’ve been a carnivorous plant, luring you in with my title and tag-line like an unsuspecting bug following the smell of something delicious—rotting meat. But my purpose isn’t quite so sinister (I’m not going to digest you slowly over the next few days). I just wanted to tell you the moment you’ve all been waiting for is HERE!

MM9-14 My first two novels are published and available for pre-order!

Don’t get me wrong readers; I do not expect all of you to have an interest in my Bleaken Series books. Though I am sure you find my blog captivating and witty, not everyone enjoys the fantasy genre, or literature that is geared toward young adults (but really, I don’t even know what that means except the heroine is eighteen instead of thirty, and it isn’t full of sex and violence—though we can all see from Hunger Games that the violence bit is apparently just fine in young adult lit.).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

But if you do enjoy disappearing into another world, if you long to escape the rules and confines of our own time and place, you might give them a try. When they publish on Nov. 1st (instead of preorder), you can read the first 20% of the book as a sample before you commit to the $2.99. (Just think, a whole 120,000+ word novel for cheaper than a tall, skinny, double-shot mocha with whip!)

And who knows, perhaps the story will tickle your fancy. Maybe it will entice you into its depths, transfixing you with pleasing prose, a captivating heroine, and a gripping plot. And look at it this way, at least you won’t find yourself drawn into a slow death at the bottom of a pitcher-plant.

Nepenthes muluensis

Nepenthes muluensis

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