Painting with Light

Today’s Daily Create: Painting with light. I found a free app, LuxDraw, to create this…piece…which I’m calling “Intra-verse” (Could that be a fallopian tube? Heck if I know.)

Fun to be able to paint without getting out a single brush or palate. Besides, I really needed to use my creative side of the brain today as it was a rough one in the grant world: uploading documents to National Science Foundation and working with a frantic colleague to get her application in before 5 p.m. (I approved for submittal at 4:40 p.m!). I needed some light tonight.

Daily Create

5 thoughts on “Painting with Light

    • Thank you so much Amy! I used to paint quite a bit before my youngest son was born, but now it seems I haven’t the time/ space to lay out my paints, so doing it digitally (where there’s no toxic / messy paints for little fingers to get into) is super fun and reminds me that I’m missing something not making visual art.


  1. Most excellent! You have inspied me to go get Lux Draw; in a perfect universe, you would have provided a link to it. You do that by going back to the App Store. It will be in your purchased app colloection. When you click on it, look for a Share icon and then a “copy link,”

    Love this! Did you see my Sp You Want to Oaint with Light? video on FB? Also Twitter.

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    • Your video is so cool! You took the daily create and multiplied it by four ’cause you’ve got music, video, poetry, AND paintings in light! (I like the photo of the stain glass lamp and block glass the best).


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