Finishing the story

Mondays Finish the Story” A flash fiction challenge where a photo and the first sentence of a story are the prompt. Even during NaNo month I can find time to pound out 100-150 words, right? I sort of like that restriction, as I tend to be on the wordy side, and having someone force me into 150 words helps me see what can be done, with less.


“Dance like no one is watching” Toby read, staring at the strange figurine attached to the lamp. “Honey, what about this one?”

His wife turned from an inlaid credenza that was way outside their price range, and leaned over the figurine and its inscription. She stood up and looked at him, confusion clear on her face.

“But it’s purple. I mean, can you imagine that next to the sofa?” She shook her head and turned away, dismissing Toby’s find as completely as if it had never existed.

What’s wrong with purple? And what about the dancing? Did she even see the dancing?

Toby frowned, then picked up the lamp, carrying it to the counter. He wasn’t ever going to dance like no one was watching, but he sure as hell could have a lamp that reminded him that one day, he might.

7 thoughts on “Finishing the story

  1. Great story, Mara, I hope his dream comes true, but for the moment, something tells me Toby is going to cop an earful when Miss Snippy finds out what he’s done. I’m glad you didn’t give her a name, it just seems right. I do however, love the name Toby for a guy 🙂

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  2. What a lovely story! I really enjoyed your take! The photo is of a dancer and it is a lamp. I have a pair of these which I inherited from my Grandma. She had them both on either side of her bed. Again, such a good story! I hope he finds a way to dance like no one is watching! Stay tuned for next week’s challenge! ^..^


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