Game Changer

Mondays Finish the Story. Picture + half a sentence = fun flash fiction.

They say that life is a game of chess…”

 And I’d agree if you’re talking about this chess board on my annual Caribbean cruise. Notice what’s missing? Same thing that’s missing in my life.2014-12-15-bw-beacham

All I ever wanted was that white knight to come sweep me off my feet, to rescue me like Rapunzel, to dance my slippers off like Cinderella. Stupid, but there it is. And then here’s this glaring reminder that my dream is ludicrous, just waiting for me as I step out onto the sunny, upper-deck like someone had set it up with me in mind. Maybe their watching from some hiding place, sniggering and thinking ‘That’s the dame that’s been waiting for her knight. She’s not gonna find him today.’

Well, to hell with it. I’m changing my dream. No more life like a chess game. No more white knights. I’m switching to the other side of the board.

14 thoughts on “Game Changer

    • I wonder too. Isn’t that funny how you can create a character in a brief sketch of 150 words, and it’s enough to make you continue the story in your head? That is the cool part of Flash Fiction.


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