Power of the STARS

No, I’m not talking about movie stars, nor the fiery balls of gasses we gaze at when the light pollution isn’t too strong. I’m talking REVIEWS. Yes, those little yellow stars we so casually click to show how we liked (or hated) the dinner we ate, the movie we watched, or the book we read.

Oh, that is sooooo a rating of Matchmaker of Magics...

Oh, that is sooooo a rating of Matchmaker of Magics…

I don’t know about y’all*, but before I buy an electric toothbrush, or sausage stuffer, I go on Amazon and read the reviews. Usually I start with the 4 and 3’s, as they tend to be a bit more realistic. The guy who gives it a 1 because the box got stolen off his porch just shouldn’t be allowed to even write reviews, and the chick who gushes that the product saved her marriage and her life, is probably a little whack as well.

For an indie author (read,’me‘) these reviews are vital to sales. No one has heard of the author starting out. His books aren’t front and center on the shelves at Barnes & Noble (which apparently publishers have to pay to have happen). What does that new, up-and-coming author need?

You guessed it. Stars. Even if it’s 3 stars, with thoughtful commentary, it helps a reader decide whether what the person liked/ disliked, would fit for them. Do I care that my sausage stuffer doesn’t come with a 12mm stuffing tube for pepperoni snack sticks? Nope. Do I care if it has metal gears? Yep.

Perhaps this post is just a pitiful plea to those who have read my book(s) to leave a review at their favorite site, whether Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, or their own blog. Or just a general shout out for how you can be an integral part of an indie author’s marketing and PR team.

Gotta wrap up this post. I need to rate indie author, Jacke Wilson’s novella, The Race.

I’m not from the south, but I think English misses out on not having a true second-person plural. If I was writing in French, I’d say ‘vous’, if in Spanish, ‘ustedes’. It’s very handy.

Ooh la la! Oui, s'il vous plait! Merci.

Ooh la la! Oui, s’il vous plait! Merci.

3 thoughts on “Power of the STARS

  1. I want to thank you, Mara, for this brilliant post. You’ve presented a topic that all Indie authors – especially new ones – are concerned about (me included!). Everything you say about the books of new authors being almost invisible to potential readers is true – and the value of honest reviews is enormous to anyone considering whether or not to purchase the book. Sincere thanks again for the witty, enjoyable and valuable read.

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    • I’m so glad the post resinated with you Millie! I think there are thousands of us out there struggling to figure out how to get our writing seen. I think most artists struggle with marketing, regardless of their medium. They want to paint, write, dance, not spend time slogging around town knocking on gallery and theater doors–or pestering their friends and family to leave a review! 🙂

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