Digital Dojo

I’m supposed to be working…writing pages and pages on my newest novel, the sequel to Aguilla’s Eye. I’ve left my poor main character, Sprout, in a terrible dilemma, and need to get him into something worse! I brought my computer to a workshop with my kids, thinking this hour would be spent typing away as they learn the basics of computer programming using Contraption Maker. Sort of. They’re learning virtual physics and logic and game-making all in one.maker-lab-section2

Anyway, I opened my computer, prepared to open my excellent writing program, “Storyist”, and plunge into the land of Pelinore and see what Sprout is going to do about the fact he’s accidentally frozen his entire family with a spell gone wrong. But, I never even got to double click the icon, let alone work on the story.

“Mom, I don’t get it!”

“Did you read the instructions on the first screen?”


“Mom! I can’t figure out why this rope won’t go over the pulley!”

“Did you click on the ? which tells you what each item does?”


“Mom, why doesn’t this work? I can’t get the fan to spin the pinwheel!”

“Did you watch the example on the left side of the screen which shows you the steps?”


Sigh. Perhaps tonight, after they are fed, in bed, and I’ve spent some time with my hubby. Sorry Sprout. You’ll just have to wait a little longer.

4 thoughts on “Digital Dojo

  1. Doesn’t it just eat at you when you have a character in dire straights–I can hardly think of anything else until I write them out of it. Then I spend my time thinking of what other terrible things I can do to them!


  2. Great post, Mara. I love the conversation and I couldn’t agree more about getting Sprout out of his dilemma. A frozen family can’t be at all good! lol .These new books sound intriguing…Sprout’s a brilliant name. 🙂

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