Conception of Achilles

2015-06-08-bw-beachamZeus was not having a good day and he made sure everyone knew it.”

“Hera! Where in Odin’s name is my crown of laurel! It was here, and now it’s gone!”

Hera rolled her eyes. “Right. It walked away, just to piss you off.”

Zeus glared. Sometimes he wanted to turn his wife into a statue. As though she heard his thoughts, Hera narrowed her eyes, daring him to make a move. Best not to tempt the Fates.

Zeus stomped away, throwing a lightning bolt at a lounging god. It missed, and his favorite statue of Athena disappeared in an explosion of marble.

“Damn it all to Hades!”

Zeus turned back to the pantheon of gods who were trying to hide their smiles.

“I’m leaving Mount Olympus. Maybe I’ll be back, and maybe I won’t!”

He turned and jumped to a thunderhead, but not before he heard Apollo’s smartass remark.

“Great. In nine months we’ll have another demigod on our hands.”

Nice buns. Watch out for that heel though...

Nice buns. Watch out for that heel though…

For Mondays Finish the Story.

14 thoughts on “Conception of Achilles

    • Thanks Sally! I tried to comment on your story on your blog but it wouldn’t publish. Here it is here: “I like your take on the prompt, as well as how you handled Alice–I get a picture of her very quickly with her coffee cup frozen mid air. I can just read between the lines about their whole long relationship in that one gesture.”


  1. Don’t you imagine they’ve all got quite the egos, being gods and all; the Greeks did love to give their gods all the foibles of humans…times ten! It was a fun prompt, and had me writing something I probably never would have otherwise. That’s the fun of Mondays Finish the Story.


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