(From Disk Golf Tees)

(From Disk Golf Tees)

No, the title is not Frisbees, it’s Freebies. Almost as good. Or, maybe better ’cause Freebies aren’t gonna hit you in the face and break your nose and/or glasses. (My kids don’t have the best aim, and I’m not the best catcher in the world).

I’m offering a free copy of Matchmaker of Magics (in ebook form) to the first ten folks quick enough to grab them. Why? ‘Cause I discovered this cool site called which allows an author to set up their book to be given away. But wait, there’s more! You can limit the number of copies given away, or limit the timeframe in which it is available for free. But wait, there’s even MORE. (Am I sounding like the Taco Town commercial from Saturday Night Live in the 90’s…”You know what I love about tacos? EVERYTHING!!”)


Sorry. Back to the post. So, an author can make a specific marketing plan that might include freebies, or give a free copy to a blogger who wants to review the book, or to your great-aunt who really wants to read it but is too cheap to pay her grandniece $4.99 to buy it on Amazon. Whatever. That’s not me by the way. I don’t have any great-aunts living. But if I did, they’d probably be cheapskates and I’d have to give them a free copy…’course, they still couldn’t read it ‘cuz they wouldn’t have an e-reader. Penny-pinching technophobes!

Hum. What do you think of this stream of consciousness post? What do you think about free book giveaways as a way to build readership? Chime in, the water’s fine!

MM Final E cover copy

BTW, the red colored words above? That’s the link to the free book if you want it. Another BTW, if you didn’t click on the link to the Taco Town SNL commercial, you MUST! If you still don’t then I think I might block you from the blog from here on out.

One thought on “Freebies

  1. Well, Mara, if I hadn’t already read and reviewed your book, I’d be in there in a flash! I’m not sure how this giveaway tallies with Amazon Select (which my books are on, at the moment). It sounds like a good idea and I’m sure lots of readers would love to read your book – and its follow up. That’s a great one, too.

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