Better than Bingo


The Mayor and the town manager waved as their next victim approached.

“Evening, Gladis,” the mayor said, smiling at the heavy-set woman walking across the uncut grass. He’d need to see to that–against city ordinance. “Special night tonight, eh?”

Gladis stopped halfway to the door, her face wrinkling in confusion.

“I thought it was bingo night.” She pushed her frizzing hair from her forehead. “Two cards for fifty cents.”

“Nope,” the town manager chimed in, grinning.

Ezra couldn’t stand it when Josiah interrupted. He was the mayor after all.

“Something even better!” Ezra said quickly, making a grand gesture toward the doorway. “You could score tonight, but not in bingo.”

Gladis scratched her head and squinted at the men.

Suddenly worried he’d been too subtle, Ezra leaped from the porch and tore open his shirt. Throwing back his head, he shouted into the evening air so there could be no confusion.

“It’s orgy night!”

[For Mondays Finish the Story Challenge]

13 thoughts on “Better than Bingo

  1. Brilliant story! I hope Gladis doesn’t keel over right there and then at the shock, it would be a shame if she missed the orgy 🙂
    I always suspected “bingo” was a cover for something much more fun…

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