The Work Begins

I’ve always wondered what the process of publishing a book with a press would be like–to work with a professional editor, to proof copies, to stay up late eating bon-bons and drinking straight bourbon because you need the fuel to get your baby to the presses.


Well, I’m excited to say, I’m going to find out. I signed with Barking Rain Press today to publish my fantasy novel, The Weaver’s Light. The editor assigned to work on my book is Ti Locke, and I’m so looking forward to her insight and skillz (notice, that’s skills with a ‘z’) to help me make my novel as strong as it can be before it goes forth into the wide, cold world of bookstore shelves and Amazon’s warehouses.

I already know this will be a long haul, as the projected publication date is a year from now. But believe it or not, that’s significantly faster than the other two presses that made offers on The Weaver’s Light.

Time to roll up the sleeves and possibly get some acupuncture on my poor, old fingers to keep them flashing over the keys.

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