Mangos and Migraines

Another bit of the story with our faithful and struggling friends, Sarah and Kurt, the editors of a very strange screen-play. You can catch-up on the story by reading Blackhawks and Bourbon, and Jeeps and Jerks first.

2015-09-21-c2a9-2015-barbara-w-beacham“She lived in a mango tree?” Kurt shuffled the papers. “I thought it was a peach tree back in scene three.”

“Why would it be a peach tree? They’re in Costa Rica for God’s sake!” Sarah’s jaw hurt from gritting her teeth.

Kurt looked up, his glasses askew. “They don’t have peaches in Costa Rica? Isn’t it part of the American territories? They ought to have peaches.”

Sarah closed her eyes. She pictured Kurt being crushed by a two-thousand pound peach, like Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge in her favorite Roald Dahl book.

“Costa Rica is not a territory of the U.S. Maybe you’re thinking of Puerto Rico–it’s a commonwealth. But it doesn’t grow peaches either. It’s a tropical country, just like Costa Rica.”

“Oh. Alright.” Kurt started to reach for the manuscript, but Sarah snatched it from under his fingers.

“Why don’t you run get us some Mango-ritas from Los Cabillos. I’ll finish up here.”

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8 thoughts on “Mangos and Migraines

  1. I remember these two characters in your Black Hawks and Bourbon story, Mara. It’s good to see them back! Wonderfully amusing conversation and mannerisms. Poor Kurt doesn’t seem able to get anything right … perhaps some ‘Mango-ritas from Los Cabillos’ will put him right.


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