A cat for Sam

I bit of story for a Sat. afternoon. It’s the same character as from The Vase. Don’t know why I put my poor pretend people (a.k.a. ‘characters’) in such sad situations. Maybe Sam and Vicar Celeste need to meet…

Sam lay on the rug in front of the hearth, soaking in the heat of the fire and dreaming of what might be in the packages under the tree behind her. Of course she’d get at least a couple presents that were nothing but clothes—socks and underwear and probably a new sweater. Her dad was practical that way.

She sighed and rolled over to stare at the twinkling tree with its skirt of gifts that spread out under the branches. What she really wanted to know was whether Nannie had bought her the cat figurine. It was so strange and wonderful. Shining ceramic and painted like a circus. It was posed in a leap, its front paws stretching up to catch something unseen. And it’s eyes! Little green jewels. Well, probably glass, but still. They glittered and shone like gems. She chewed her lip. If only she could have that cat for her attic room. It would watch over her as she laid awake in the middle of the night.

Tears burned in her eyes, smearing the tree into blur of indistinguishable lights and darks. She didn’t blink them away. Why bother? More would just come.

But in the next moment, a soft padding of furry feet, and a gentle ‘mrow’, made her turn her gaze away from the tree. Skoodic pushed her wet nose into Sam’s hair, sniffing. She meowed again, adding a purr that seemed to make her speech a question.

“No, I’m not alright,” Sam whispered, “I miss Mommy.”face-paw

Skoodic sat down, purring and winking and Sam laid her head close to the cat’s belly, letting the rumbling purr drive away the ache in her chest.

For Flash! Friday’s challenge.

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