Food Groups

I thought you all might enjoy an entry from my 11 year old son’s brand, new food blog. What a clever boy he is! (Mom’s not biased or anything).

The Lone Diner

Doctors say that the four food groups are protein, fruit, vegetables, and carbs. But I think that the four food groups should be breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.USDA_Food_Pyramid

Of course, that wouldn’t be all that healthy, depending on what you ate. But if then you included both food groups, the doctor’s and mine, then you’d have four food groups inside four food groups. Like if you had fruits, carbs, meat and veggies for breakfast, then you’d have DOUBLE four food groups. Which is really eight food groups.

Then, if you had the doctor’s version of four food groups for lunch and dinner (but not for snacks–like if you only had candy) then you’d only have seven food groups.  Or would it be twelve? Do you multiply it? Or add it? I don’t know.

What do YOU think?

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