Holiday Cheer

Back to our intrepid friends, Sarah and Kurt. They’ve seem to have taken on a life of their own. Want their back story? Click on this,  and this, and this.


“Are you finished with that page?” Kurt asked, before taking a long slurp of coffee from this Rudolf-the-red-nose-reindeer cup. Sarah wanted to throw that miserable vessel in the toilet. The damn Rudolf’s nose actually lit up every time he took a drink. And he took a drink every five seconds. It was a seizure hazard.

“Um, not quite,” Sarah said, staring at the blinking, red nose that had replaced Kurt’s own as he swilled away. It was an improvement, really, but distracting just the same.

f63a6c784e01c0efc8d532a85c63c07fMaybe she should get a menorah headband, with bulbs that flashed every
time she thought about how much she hated this project. That would be about every five zeptoseconds. Then Kurt would have the seizure and she could just plow through the last hundred pages and be done.

“Ya, it’s just that it’s almost 9 o’clock, and I thought we were gonna meet the other writers at The Ribald Lounge for an eggnog,” Kurt said, plunking the empty Rudolf mug on the table.

Sarah held her breath. Was this her chance, and no seizures needed?

“You go on ahead,” Sarah said, giving Kurt a wide smile. “Consider it my Hanukkah gift for today.”

Kurt stared at her. “Hanukkah? Is that now?”

“The sixth through the fourteenth,” Sarah said, straightening papers. She looked up. “What do you say I give you a Hanukkah gift every day until the 14th. I’ll do all the copy-editing until then. You don’t even have to look at the damn thing.”

Kurt’s eyebrows quirked up in confusion. Or maybe it was thought. Hard to tell with Kurt.

“Um. Are you even Jewish?”

“Does that make a difference in my offer?”

“Well…ya. I couldn’t take you up on it if you weren’t really Jewish.”

“I’m Jewish through and through,” Sarah said, laying her pen down on the now neatly-stacked manuscript. “You can call my mom if you want confirmation.”

Kurt laughed. “Cool. I’m getting a Hanukah gift, and I’m not even Jewish! Thanks!”

Sarah just smiled and waited as Kurt slipped on his coat and strolled toward the door. He turned back, his hand on the knob.

“I’ll get you a Christmas gift,” he said, grinning. “I’ve seen how you’ve been eyeing my Rudolf cup.”

He winked and was out the door. He didn’t hear the clatter of broken ceramic as it hit the floor.


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