Amazing Customer Service

I don’t even need to make stuff up today. No fiction involved here. Just a cut and paste of the email exchange I had with an Alaska Airlines rep. Though I sort of wanted to rip him a new you-know-what, I also had to laugh really hard. He’s ballsy.


Email from me via Alaska’s “contact us” form:

Message: I did not include my middle name when I created my Milage Plan account, and now I cannot record mileage because the site requires my name to be exactly as it appears on the ticket, which includes my middle name. How can I add my middle name to my Personal Identification? Also, middle name should be required, or at least, let people know that this is going to be a fiasco if they don’t put their middle names.

I didn’t think I was being THAT much of a smart-ass in my message. Ya, I was a little peeved, but I wasn’t being a total wanker was I?

Response from “Danny” the friendly customer service agent who hates his job and is trying really hard to be fired. I guess I was not “flying the friendly skies” today:

Dear Mara,

Thank you for contacting Alaska Airlines Customer Care. Your account has been updated with your middle name. Currently, your name, Mara Fiasco Fields appears in our records. If you need additional information or have any other questions, please do nothesitate to contact us.

Customer Care Representative

For those of you who don’t know, my middle name is NOT Fiasco. It’s Lue, after my grandmother. But really, Fiasco is kind of catchy. Maybe a name for a superhero…

So anyway, I called Alaska Airlines and told the story to a very sweet woman who couldn’t help but giggle. She changed my account to my real middle name. Cool. All fixed. I hung up, I logged on and tried to connect my newly-purchased ticket to my Milage Plan number. Guess what? Same error message. My name on the Plan didn’t match the name on my ticket.

Huh. Maybe I need to change my ticket and passport to Mara Fiasco Fields. Think that would work?

goofy laugh2



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