My wrist hurts

Too much mousing. That’s what’s done it–the hurting wrist. I’ve given my website a make-over, and that involved a whole lot of mouse use, and now I’m paying the price. But, the site looks pretty good. That’s a plus.

Some might say that I’ve spent the last two days on my website as a way to avoid doing the proof galley for Weaver’s Light. They wouldn’t be entirely wrong. There’s nothing like re-reading your book for the ten thousandth time, looking for missing periods and the like. But when all you dear readers get it (coming October 2016 from Barking Rain Press), and enjoy a (hopefully) error free book, it will all be worth it. Sore wrist and all.


(some might also say I spent way too much time on this photo…procrastination and what not. They’d be wrong!)