Tropical life


We wake at the butt-crack of dawn each day, as the manic rooster down the road believes that “morning” begins at 3:45 a.m. I will turn him into fricassee before the month is over. But, one advantage of rising with the dawn is that you see and hear things you other wise would miss if you were blissfully snoring on your pillow. Yesterday, Ryland and I heard a mournful calling, and when we looked up, we say the bird pictured below. We studied it through binoculars, did a google search, and discovered what our little friend was.

We have another friend. I’ve named her Shelob. She lives just outside our bedroom window and is ever so helpful in keeping the flying insects in check. She’s some sort of orb weaver, but I didn’t bother to try to classify her specific species. Maybe that can be a homeschool science project for the boys.

We had a gecko running pell mell across the floor last night, and thankfully Juno didn’t see it or it would have met its maker as a tasty (or maybe not so tasty) snack. The boys managed to corral it and usher it out the door without mishap.

What will we see tomorrow?