Our Friend Otto

What did you to today? I outran a hurricane.


O.K., not really “out run”, because we were driving, but you get what I mean. We’d PLANNED a trip to the Osa peninsula, but got an email from the hotel we were to stay in that the place was flooded. So, we made plans to go way up north to the Nicoya peninsula instead. But guess what, Otto the Hurricane followed us (I think Otto is much too cute a name for a massive storm that wreaks havoc and destruction). Instead of enjoying three days on the sunny beaches, we left at dawn to escape the potential ruination to come.

Now we are home in Grecia, fogged in, but not in 100 mile an hour winds. I’m sending hope to all those in Central America who could not just pick up and run the way we did.

2 thoughts on “Our Friend Otto

  1. Ugh! Sounds like our plans. We were going to head south to Bocas del Torro and had to scrap that plan. We also considered the Osa Peninsula. Now that things have settled down and it looks like Limon is still intact – we’re off to the Caribbean in the morning. Weather looks pretty decent. You should come down – we’ll be in Punta Uva or Manzanillo.

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