Small World

We’re in Guatemala. Guatemala City to be exact. Why? Because our visa was about to expire and our paperwork has not been processed yet to give me and the boys residency. We had to go somewhere, and this was the cheapest. Plus, Alex’s dad’s cousin lives here, and we had a visit with him.

The hotel we’re at is wonderful, as is all the food we’ve eaten–Guatemalan food is full of spice and lots of flavors. Tonight we ate at the hotel’s Picasso restaurant, and I had the best risotto (not Guatemalan, OBVIOUSLY) I’ve had since Italy. But the best part wasn’t the food, it was that our hostess had spent a year as an exchange student in The Dalles, a mere 20 miles from where I was born and raised!!!  Here I was in a city of 4+ million people, and met a woman who spent a year living in my stomping grounds as a young person. It made me bubble with happiness.

What a wonderful visit and great introduction to an amazing country. I hope I have the chance to come back some day.


2 thoughts on “Small World

  1. Mara, I love the descriptions of your travels and adventures in Central America. Great photo, too!




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