New Novel

Hi folks. I haven’t been up on my blogging this last year–grieving has taken so much of my energy that I’ve had little for art or creativity. But I have managed to finalize the novel I finished while we were in Costa Rica last year. Publication date should be mid-next month or so.

Though I started this speculative fiction novel more than a year ago, it’s release is rather timely in the face of the world-wide focus on the sexual assault and harassment of women in the work-place by those in positions of power. This book examines oppression from the point of view of a person who does not know there is another way of living besides confinement, violence, and fear. I based the oppressive elements of Cayda’s society on the practices and mores of cultures across our globe and across history, which I describe in the Afterword for those who want more details about the history of gender oppression.

If this sounds a little heavy, it is. BUT, the story is still an exciting, fast-paced read, (and warning, there’s some sex too) so don’t worry about it feeling like a text book or anything!

finalDoR cover

I want to thank everyone who has helped me on this book–my valiant beta readers, particularly Trisha Morrissette Walker (who has been my friend and champion for more than 25 years), my family (immediate and extended, who support me like two cupped hands holding a fragile egg), and my editor David Beaumier (who has helped hone my stories for publication).




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