It’s all the puppy’s fault

You've heard of kids blaming their dog for eating their homework, right? Well, I'm going to hop on the old bandwagon and say that my new puppy is the reason I've not hammered out more chapters in my latest novel, and why my floors are less clean than I like them to be if I'm … Continue reading It’s all the puppy’s fault

NaNoWriMo: 22 days until the ride begins

When planning just isn't your cup of proverbial tea.

Deep Thoughts on Characters that Won’t Behave

I was reading Ryan Lanz's recent post (you should check him out--good stuff there) and it got me thinking; thinking more than a simple comment on his blog could contain. So I'm going to explore, dear readers, the notion that characters can take control of a story, from a different perspective than Ryan's original post. … Continue reading Deep Thoughts on Characters that Won’t Behave

Barfer or Bleeder? Which writer are you?

What type of writer are you?