Should an author kill a main character?

I'm sure those that managed to slog their way through the novelsĀ Game of Thrones (or more likely enjoyed the cinematic version in all its bloody, lusty, much more engaging glory) are familiar with the notion of an author killing off one (or countless) main characters. But I am struggling with letting one of my characters … Continue reading Should an author kill a main character?

El Cajon Morning

Lucky me, I had all three! What was your morning like?

Expectation Adjustment

I wish I could be more like my dog. This morning, she wakes up, runs over to my bed and puts her wet nose on me, so happy and excited--"Hey, there's my person-mommy! Right there beside me, and low enough I can KISS her! Hurray!" I crawl out of bed and go let her outside. … Continue reading Expectation Adjustment

Amazing Customer Service

I don't even need to make stuff up today. No fiction involved here. Just a cut and paste of the email exchange I had with an Alaska Airlines rep. Though I sort of wanted to rip him a new you-know-what, I also had to laugh really hard. He's ballsy. Email from me via Alaska's "contact … Continue reading Amazing Customer Service