The Basilisk in Barnes and Noble

A short story of fun... "Song for the Basilisk," Ted read, peering at the paperback in his hand. He glanced up at Amita. "What do you think this is about? Aren't basilisks snakes? They don't sing." "It says 'Song for the Basilisk, not 'by the Basilisk'," Amita said, raising her eyes from the book in … Continue reading The Basilisk in Barnes and Noble


No, the title is not Frisbees, it's Freebies. Almost as good. Or, maybe better 'cause Freebies aren't gonna hit you in the face and break your nose and/or glasses. (My kids don't have the best aim, and I'm not the best catcher in the world). I'm offering a free copy of Matchmaker of Magics (in … Continue reading Freebies