Sick Sweetness

I attended a master writer's workshop taught by Jacquelyn Mitchard last week. It was so fantastic--the group of other writers, Jackie, the copious amounts of tea I drank all day long, and the in depth analysis of the elements of a novel. Took me back to my days as an undergrad in English Literature, but this … Continue reading Sick Sweetness

Holiday Cheer

Back to our intrepid friends, Sarah and Kurt. They've seem to have taken on a life of their own. Want their back story? Click on this,  and this, and this.   "Are you finished with that page?" Kurt asked, before taking a long slurp of coffee from this Rudolf-the-red-nose-reindeer cup. Sarah wanted to throw that miserable vessel … Continue reading Holiday Cheer

A cat for Sam

I bit of story for a Sat. afternoon. It's the same character as from The Vase. Don't know why I put my poor pretend people (a.k.a. 'characters') in such sad situations. Maybe Sam and Vicar Celeste need to meet... Sam lay on the rug in front of the hearth, soaking in the heat of the … Continue reading A cat for Sam