El Cajon Morning

Lucky me, I had all three! What was your morning like?

Things are going south

My family has made a wild and wonderful decision for our immediate future: we are going to move to Costa Rica for at least a year. "What?" some of you gasp. "Why on earth would they do that?" Well people, it's because when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. CLICHE ALERT!  [Come on, Mara. You're a … Continue reading Things are going south

My wrist hurts

Too much mousing. That's what's done it--the hurting wrist. I've given my website a make-over, and that involved a whole lot of mouse use, and now I'm paying the price. But, the site looks pretty good. That's a plus. Some might say that I've spent the last two days on my website as a way … Continue reading My wrist hurts

Amazing Customer Service

I don't even need to make stuff up today. No fiction involved here. Just a cut and paste of the email exchange I had with an Alaska Airlines rep. Though I sort of wanted to rip him a new you-know-what, I also had to laugh really hard. He's ballsy. Email from me via Alaska's "contact … Continue reading Amazing Customer Service