Power of the STARS

No, I'm not talking about movie stars, nor the fiery balls of gasses we gaze at when the light pollution isn't too strong. I'm talking REVIEWS. Yes, those little yellow stars we so casually click to show how we liked (or hated) the dinner we ate, the movie we watched, or the book we read. I don't … Continue reading Power of the STARS

Input from Readers…Please?

I've been working on a draft cover for my third novel, The Weaver's Light. It's fantasy, like my others, but not  young adult (though really, as far as I can tell, the only thing making a book "YA" is if the hero/ heroine is a young adult). Anyway, I'm asking for input again to help me perfect this masterpiece … Continue reading Input from Readers…Please?

Book Covers, Take Two

I loved the feedback I got from my readers on the first book cover my mother and I designed and created. Now I've got the cover for book 2 in the Bleaken Series"finished". I put that in quotes, because once again I'm looking for constructive feedback from y'all (no, I'm not from the south, but … Continue reading Book Covers, Take Two

Judging a Book by its Cover, Redux

Trusty readers, last month I shared with you my mother and my e-book cover-making efforts, offering the draft cover to you for feedback. That feedback was excellent and much appreciated. I've considered the critiques and tried to incorporate them. It think this one is much improved. Thank you!