Gratitude and Appreciation

Folks, I've traveled a fair amount in my life. At age 12, I went to Canada with my band class and stayed with a host family for several days--my first trip out of the country. You wouldn't think the language would be a barrier, but I swear to god, the host-girl and I struggled over … Continue reading Gratitude and Appreciation

Small World

We're in Guatemala. Guatemala City to be exact. Why? Because our visa was about to expire and our paperwork has not been processed yet to give me and the boys residency. We had to go somewhere, and this was the cheapest. Plus, Alex's dad's cousin lives here, and we had a visit with him. The … Continue reading Small World


No glib, superficial entry today. Sorry folks, this one is a little heavy. A couple of nights ago, we¬†were driving up the mountain from town. It was dark, raining lightly, and a thin fog hung on the banana plants and spiked fences of our neighbors. The headlights flashed across something in the road. "What the … Continue reading Surreal

Our Friend Otto

What did you to today? I outran a hurricane. O.K., not really "out run", because we were driving, but you get what I mean. We'd PLANNED a trip to the Osa peninsula, but got an email from the hotel we were to stay in that the place was flooded. So, we made plans to go … Continue reading Our Friend Otto