Living in the “after”

I am living in the days after my best-friend /companion /confidant/ lover/ soulmate/ husband left his wrecked body behind, and moved into the the afterlife, joining his father and others he loved who had gone on before him. Its an unbelievable, unreal place to be--living without his shining eyes, his smile, even his pain and suffering, which … Continue reading Living in the “after”

Diary Dilemma: Can’t write

I can't write. Had a lot free time today. I wandered the house. I swept. I cleaned the toilets. I cooked a meal. But I couldn't pick up the computer and write, though I did spend a lot of time on it...not writing. I picked it up to use iMessage, and look at Facebook, and … Continue reading Diary Dilemma: Can’t write

Book Cover

Beautiful cover for my novel being published by Cité & Folde Books in a couple of months. LOVE IT!  

El Cajon Morning

Lucky me, I had all three! What was your morning like?