Sick Sweetness

I attended a master writer's workshop taught by Jacquelyn Mitchard last week. It was so fantastic--the group of other writers, Jackie, the copious amounts of tea I drank all day long, and the in depth analysis of the elements of a novel. Took me back to my days as an undergrad in English Literature, but this … Continue reading Sick Sweetness

Editing Pains

You know, I've always thought of myself as a fairly good editor, both of my own work and others. In high school, friends would bring me their papers to read through and give them pointers. In college, I was a tutor for student-athletes at the University of Oregon, and did a lot of assisting with … Continue reading Editing Pains

Is it just a question of style?

You know, I started really noticing writing and all its variances as a sophomore in high school in Mr. Dills' English class. He presented all sorts of rules on grammar and writing (I think I learned to use the em dash in his class) as well as organization of your argument, etc. I've come some … Continue reading Is it just a question of style?

Learned a New Word

When I was a kid, a classmate once actually accused me of reading the dictionary. And an accusation it was; you could tell by the tone of his voice and the look on his face, a strange mixture of bewilderment and unease.  His expression suggested I'd committed a crime worthy of punishment when I'd used whatever big word I'd … Continue reading Learned a New Word