Another installment of Vicar Celeste. Her first story is Haunting Memories, then Lost, and Bitter Dirt Once the last of her parishioners shuffled out of the nave and out into the spitting, December rain, Celeste closed the doors and sat down heavily in the nearest pew. Nothing like the Christmas season to swell the church … Continue reading Interrupted

Mangos and Migraines

Another bit of the story with our faithful and struggling friends, Sarah and Kurt, the editors of a very strange screen-play. You can catch-up on the story by reading Blackhawks and Bourbon, and Jeeps and Jerks first. "She lived in a mango tree?" Kurt shuffled the papers. "I thought it was a peach tree back in … Continue reading Mangos and Migraines

Conception of Achilles

“Zeus was not having a good day and he made sure everyone knew it.” “Hera! Where in Odin’s name is my crown of laurel! It was here, and now it’s gone!” Hera rolled her eyes. “Right. It walked away, just to piss you off.” Zeus glared. Sometimes he wanted to turn his wife into a … Continue reading Conception of Achilles

Futile Battle

Flash! Friday bit o' fun, with prompts of: Man vs Nature, and... “Bring me another, would ya?” Stu didn’t take his eyes from the metal—it was as flaky as his grandma’s pie crust. He crouched in front of his boat, eyes squinting against the glaring sun as Vicki handed him the can. “What the hell … Continue reading Futile Battle