The Work Begins

I've always wondered what the process of publishing a book with a press would be like--to work with a professional editor, to proof copies, to stay up late eating bon-bons and drinking straight bourbon because you need the fuel to get your baby to the presses. Well, I'm excited to say, I'm going to find … Continue reading The Work Begins

Author Interview with Millie Thom

Today I am highlighting a fellow indie author, Millie Thom. Millie not only writes an active blog full of fun and engaging stories, she cranks out robust historic fiction novels focused on the Anglo-Saxons of the 8th and 9th centuries, and the role of Vikings during this time period. She lives in a village on the … Continue reading Author Interview with Millie Thom

Fame, Fortune, and Movie Rights!

More engaging than Hunger Games (but without all the child-killing), as magical as Harry Potter (without all the Harry)…what is it? O.K., O.K, I admit it. I’ve been a carnivorous plant, luring you in with my title and tag-line like an unsuspecting bug following the smell of something delicious—rotting meat. But my purpose isn’t quite … Continue reading Fame, Fortune, and Movie Rights!

NaNoWriMo: 22 days until the ride begins

When planning just isn't your cup of proverbial tea.