Author Interview with Millie Thom

Today I am highlighting a fellow indie author, Millie Thom. Millie not only writes an active blog full of fun and engaging stories, she cranks out robust historic fiction novels focused on the Anglo-Saxons of the 8th and 9th centuries, and the role of Vikings during this time period. She lives in a village on the … Continue reading Author Interview with Millie Thom

Input from Readers…Please?

I've been working on a draft cover for my third novel, The Weaver's Light. It's fantasy, like my others, but not  young adult (though really, as far as I can tell, the only thing making a book "YA" is if the hero/ heroine is a young adult). Anyway, I'm asking for input again to help me perfect this masterpiece … Continue reading Input from Readers…Please?

Contest Winners! The Brilliant Readers Who Guessed the Cover Themes

Boy I'm on a roll here, posting things that take next to no work at all, yet are thoroughly entertaining for my readers, I'm sure! Just wanted to let you all know I won a contest where I had to use my vast analytical and interpretive skills, battling against giant minds like Rain Rain (see … Continue reading Contest Winners! The Brilliant Readers Who Guessed the Cover Themes

Book Covers, Take Two

I loved the feedback I got from my readers on the first book cover my mother and I designed and created. Now I've got the cover for book 2 in the Bleaken Series"finished". I put that in quotes, because once again I'm looking for constructive feedback from y'all (no, I'm not from the south, but … Continue reading Book Covers, Take Two