“…Gonna have to be a different man”

“You mean the band with those four English guys—but not the Beatles. You know, with Pete Townshend?” Veetch said, frowning in thought. “That’s Who,” Britt said, pulling tight on his laces. “That’s what I’m asking. Is that who you’re talking about…those guys who wrote about the pinball kid?” “No.” Britt sat up and stared at … Continue reading “…Gonna have to be a different man”

Coyote Morning

A bit of Flash Fiction for Mondays Finish the Story. You may be inclined to think I do these Flash challenges because I'm a dullard and can't think of my own blog posts without a prompt, and you'd not be entirely wrong. Yet, I also do it as I might do sprints if training for a … Continue reading Coyote Morning

Finishing the story

"Mondays Finish the Story" A flash fiction challenge where a photo and the first sentence of a story are the prompt. Even during NaNo month I can find time to pound out 100-150 words, right? I sort of like that restriction, as I tend to be on the wordy side, and having someone force me into 150 words … Continue reading Finishing the story

A vignette

A piece from my NaNoWriMo novel. Clir pulled the heavy leather gauntlet further up her arm, cursing. "That bird isn't worth the wooden perch he roosts on!" Trainer Fugol raised her brow, but didn't comment. Clir glared at the young besra sitting on her forearm. "Why must I continue to work with these inferior birds? … Continue reading A vignette