No glib, superficial entry today. Sorry folks, this one is a little heavy. A couple of nights ago, we were driving up the mountain from town. It was dark, raining lightly, and a thin fog hung on the banana plants and spiked fences of our neighbors. The headlights flashed across something in the road. "What the … Continue reading Surreal

Our Friend Otto

What did you to today? I outran a hurricane. O.K., not really "out run", because we were driving, but you get what I mean. We'd PLANNED a trip to the Osa peninsula, but got an email from the hotel we were to stay in that the place was flooded. So, we made plans to go … Continue reading Our Friend Otto

Office Drama

So, you know how there's always drama in an office, people gossiping, office space battles. Well MY office drama this morning was that it was sort of cloudy out as I sat on the patio working. Tough, I know.

Diary Dilemmas: Caribbean Coast

Some of you might be able to find Costa Rica on the map, and some of you might think I've moved to that territory of the U.S. that's off the coast of FL. (That would be Puerto Rico, btw). But what most of you might not know is that Ticos* say there are "two" Costa Ricas--the … Continue reading Diary Dilemmas: Caribbean Coast