Organizing Chaos

Ah, Chaos, you mighty force of the universe against which humans have struggled for thousands of years--can you be organized? Whether its turning a wild, untamed wilderness into neat log-houses and gardens, or trying to pin down the nature of the wily quantum particle, we humans seem to think we can organize ourselves into a … Continue reading Organizing Chaos

Painting with Light

Today's Daily Create:┬áPainting with light. I found a free app, LuxDraw,┬áto create this...piece...which I'm calling "Intra-verse" (Could that be a fallopian tube? Heck if I know.) Fun to be able to paint without getting out a single brush or palate. Besides, I really needed to use my creative side of the brain today as it … Continue reading Painting with Light

Digital Storytelling. What is it and why am I writing about it?

A post about blogging