Daily Create: Worst Album Cover

A little fun with today's Daily Create where we were supposed to create the worst album cover. I don't know if I succeeded. I kind of think the cover from Twisted SIster is worse. But that hair really takes me back...

Organizing Chaos

Ah, Chaos, you mighty force of the universe against which humans have struggled for thousands of years--can you be organized? Whether its turning a wild, untamed wilderness into neat log-houses and gardens, or trying to pin down the nature of the wily quantum particle, we humans seem to think we can organize ourselves into a … Continue reading Organizing Chaos

Painting with Light

Today's Daily Create: Painting with light. I found a free app, LuxDraw, to create this...piece...which I'm calling "Intra-verse" (Could that be a fallopian tube? Heck if I know.) Fun to be able to paint without getting out a single brush or palate. Besides, I really needed to use my creative side of the brain today as it … Continue reading Painting with Light

Digital Storytelling. What is it and why am I writing about it?

A post about blogging