Diary Dilemmas: Caribbean Coast

Some of you might be able to find Costa Rica on the map, and some of you might think I've moved to that territory of the U.S. that's off the coast of FL. (That would be Puerto Rico, btw). But what most of you might not know is that Ticos* say there are "two" Costa Ricas--the … Continue reading Diary Dilemmas: Caribbean Coast

The Vase (a writer’s-prompt inspired “flash fiction”)

A post for the Daily Post's Weekly Writing Challenge. Never used a writing prompt before--it was harder than writing just what comes into my fevered brain normally. But a good exercise I think. Readers who are writers, you might give the Weekly Challenge a try. Sam didn’t notice her grandmother’s vase was missing from the … Continue reading The Vase (a writer’s-prompt inspired “flash fiction”)