Amazon Giveaway

I'm running an Amazon Giveaway for Matchmaker of Magics for the next 21 days. Here's your chance to win a fabulous (if I do say so myself) young-adult, speculative fiction novel filled with adventure, unrequited and requited love, angst, dangerous creatures and people, and oh yes, magic!                 … Continue reading Amazon Giveaway

Mangos and Migraines

Another bit of the story with our faithful and struggling friends, Sarah and Kurt, the editors of a very strange screen-play. You can catch-up on the story by reading Blackhawks and Bourbon, and Jeeps and Jerks first. "She lived in a mango tree?" Kurt shuffled the papers. "I thought it was a peach tree back in … Continue reading Mangos and Migraines

Freebies, gotta love ’em

Hey literary-type folks out there in cyberspace, just wanted to let you know I've put Matchmaker of Magics on a Kindle freebie deal starting today, and running through the 15th. Warning. If you do download the book and begin to read it, you might not be able to put it down since it's so smashingly … Continue reading Freebies, gotta love ’em

“…Gonna have to be a different man”

“You mean the band with those four English guys—but not the Beatles. You know, with Pete Townshend?” Veetch said, frowning in thought. “That’s Who,” Britt said, pulling tight on his laces. “That’s what I’m asking. Is that who you’re talking about…those guys who wrote about the pinball kid?” “No.” Britt sat up and stared at … Continue reading “…Gonna have to be a different man”