Another installment of Vicar Celeste. Her first story is Haunting Memories, then Lost, and Bitter Dirt Once the last of her parishioners shuffled out of the nave and out into the spitting, December rain, Celeste closed the doors and sat down heavily in the nearest pew. Nothing like the Christmas season to swell the church … Continue reading Interrupted

Mangos and Migraines

Another bit of the story with our faithful and struggling friends, Sarah and Kurt, the editors of a very strange screen-play. You can catch-up on the story by reading Blackhawks and Bourbon, and Jeeps and Jerks first. "She lived in a mango tree?" Kurt shuffled the papers. "I thought it was a peach tree back in … Continue reading Mangos and Migraines

Bitter Dirt

A little flash for Mondays Finish the Story--but it's a continuation of the story of our dear vicar, Celeste. You can find the beginning of her story here, and here. The cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode, but Celeste couldn't understand why--the land around the graveyard was peaceful, lovely even. Perhaps they'd named it after a … Continue reading Bitter Dirt


"Why?" Tori's voice was pained, like a long-suffering saint. She flopped down next to me on the sofa. "Why what, honey?" I set my computer aside so I could focus on what she was saying. She'd accused me enough times of loving my screen more than her, and I didn't want that to be true. Maybe … Continue reading Lament