Diary Dilemmas: Caribbean Coast

Some of you might be able to find Costa Rica on the map, and some of you might think I've moved to that territory of the U.S. that's off the coast of FL. (That would be Puerto Rico, btw). But what most of you might not know is that Ticos* say there are "two" Costa Ricas--the … Continue reading Diary Dilemmas: Caribbean Coast

DIVERGENCE (not the movie…biscuits)

Question: Can a blogger who normally posts about writing, and words, and blah, blah, blah totally switch gears for a post and talk about food and recipes? Not recommended because a blogger must build her "brand" and only stick to one topic? Totally gauche and unprofessional and will result in never earning a blogger award? Defiance: TOO … Continue reading DIVERGENCE (not the movie…biscuits)

Sickly Full

Who else has over done on the calories these last few days? I'm sure I'm not alone. Too much pie. Too much candy. Too much bouillabaisse. What? Bouillabaisse? Yes, we have that on X-mas eve at our house. Why? Because it's delicious and decadent, much like the holidays themselves. Now remember, before Christ came along, … Continue reading Sickly Full