Pokemon STOP

Pligxok waved his key-fob. His craft beeped and then disappeared behind its cloaking device. He loved that feature—it had been worth the extra fifty thousand kritoks, regardless of what his wife said. He adjusted his facial-mirroring device, pulled on his brown gloves, and then tugged on his tunic until it covered the bulge showing like … Continue reading Pokemon STOP

Ten Ways to Break Your Back

For you intrepid readers who saw my last blog entry, you might notice a theme of physical ailments and my whining complaints that accompanying them. My hope is you can have a giggle at my expense. Personal pain as inspiration for writing; not a new concept at all. Ten ways to effectively break your back...'cuz I … Continue reading Ten Ways to Break Your Back

The Basilisk in Barnes and Noble

A short story of fun... "Song for the Basilisk," Ted read, peering at the paperback in his hand. He glanced up at Amita. "What do you think this is about? Aren't basilisks snakes? They don't sing." "It says 'Song for the Basilisk, not 'by the Basilisk'," Amita said, raising her eyes from the book in … Continue reading The Basilisk in Barnes and Noble

Amazing Customer Service

I don't even need to make stuff up today. No fiction involved here. Just a cut and paste of the email exchange I had with an Alaska Airlines rep. Though I sort of wanted to rip him a new you-know-what, I also had to laugh really hard. He's ballsy. Email from me via Alaska's "contact … Continue reading Amazing Customer Service