My wrist hurts

Too much mousing. That's what's done it--the hurting wrist. I've given my website a make-over, and that involved a whole lot of mouse use, and now I'm paying the price. But, the site looks pretty good. That's a plus. Some might say that I've spent the last two days on my website as a way … Continue reading My wrist hurts

It’s all the puppy’s fault

You've heard of kids blaming their dog for eating their homework, right? Well, I'm going to hop on the old bandwagon and say that my new puppy is the reason I've not hammered out more chapters in my latest novel, and why my floors are less clean than I like them to be if I'm … Continue reading It’s all the puppy’s fault

Top 5 Ways to Procrastinate–and the danger of doing it

Ah procrastination, you beautiful, evil temptress. Like a siren, you lure the unwitting writer into your welcoming arms, never letting on your plan to lock the author in a vice-grip and pull her to a watery grave. You smile sweetly, but once your victim is caught, he smells your breath of rotting cabbage and natto (if you've … Continue reading Top 5 Ways to Procrastinate–and the danger of doing it