Pokemon STOP

Pligxok waved his key-fob. His craft beeped and then disappeared behind its cloaking device. He loved that feature—it had been worth the extra fifty thousand kritoks, regardless of what his wife said. He adjusted his facial-mirroring device, pulled on his brown gloves, and then tugged on his tunic until it covered the bulge showing like … Continue reading Pokemon STOP

Sickly Full

Who else has over done on the calories these last few days? I'm sure I'm not alone. Too much pie. Too much candy. Too much bouillabaisse. What? Bouillabaisse? Yes, we have that on X-mas eve at our house. Why? Because it's delicious and decadent, much like the holidays themselves. Now remember, before Christ came along, … Continue reading Sickly Full

The Devil is in the Details

It's a Flash Friday--150 words based on a photo prompt. I'm having fun forcing myself to write a something worth reading in so few words; makes me examine every single word to make sure I need it. I also like to be a bit perverse in these challenges--take a an angle on the photo that's a little left of center, … Continue reading The Devil is in the Details

A Mother’s Life with Boys

Yvonne flopped back into the pillows, eyes closing before her head met the feathers, a groan escaping as she laid her hands on her belly. What the hell was this, ‘perimenopause’ (whatever that meant) or fibroids in her uterus? These cramps were like something from a Stephen King novel--she hurt from her lower ribs to … Continue reading A Mother’s Life with Boys