A cat for Sam

I bit of story for a Sat. afternoon. It's the same character as from The Vase. Don't know why I put my poor pretend people (a.k.a. 'characters') in such sad situations. Maybe Sam and Vicar Celeste need to meet... Sam lay on the rug in front of the hearth, soaking in the heat of the … Continue reading A cat for Sam

The Argument: round one

“You’re gonna make me wear that?” Rob jabbed a finger at the leather straps and brass studs dangling from the hanger. “That crap won’t even cover my meat and two veg!” “You’re wearing it.” I said, staring him down. “You go to the damn gym everyday, may as well show it off.” He spun away … Continue reading The Argument: round one

Black-Hawks and Bourbon

“Silently as the people watched, the black hawk helicopter lifted into the air.” Kurt frowned. “Does that mean the helicopter is silent, or the people are silent? And shouldn’t ‘black hawk’ be hyphenated?” Sara sighed. Why had she ever gotten her degree in English? Why hadn’t she followed her mother’s advice and studied anything healthcare … Continue reading Black-Hawks and Bourbon