Coping and Hope

I wrote something yesterday. Only 750 words or so, but it wasn't an email message or a note to my sleeping teenage son┬ásaying I'd taken the dog for a walk so if he woke, get his own breakfast. It took me about twenty minutes to write the first sentence, but after that the words flowed … Continue reading Coping and Hope

Pre-Order…it’s finally here!

I know you all have been faunching at the bit, on pins and needles, waiting with baited breath and all that, for the release of The Weaver's Light. Well trusty fans (all six of you), your desires are ready to be fulfilled--The Weaver's Light is now available, in paperback or ebook, for pre-order, with an … Continue reading Pre-Order…it’s finally here!

Office Drama

So, you know how there's always drama in an office, people gossiping, office space battles. Well MY office drama this morning was that it was sort of cloudy out as I sat on the patio working. Tough, I know.

My wrist hurts

Too much mousing. That's what's done it--the hurting wrist. I've given my website a make-over, and that involved a whole lot of mouse use, and now I'm paying the price. But, the site looks pretty good. That's a plus. Some might say that I've spent the last two days on my website as a way … Continue reading My wrist hurts